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Old 05-25-2005, 10:32 PM
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Default 99 Escort ZX2 CCRM problem

Hello all, I am needing some technical support Please. I have an early 1999 Escort ZX2, Mfg. 11-98 with 2.0 DOHC and auto. The CCRM (Constant Control Relay Module) is bad and will not send power to the A/C compressor. I have power at PIN # 21 and #22 but no power at #23 on the CCRM. I found a used CCRM for sale from a 97 or 98 ZX2 according to the seller.He is not sure of the year. The part # on his CCRM is F6SF-12B577-AA. The part # on my CCRM is F8CF-12B577-AC. I know that the CCRM I need must be for a 98 or early 99 ZX2 because they changed the wiring for the A/C circuit after 2/14/99 thus changing the CCRM. Apparently the one I found for sale is from a 97 model and I can not find any info saying if it will work or not. One mechanic said that it might be what is called a ICRM that is basically the same thing but wired for earlier model escorts. I checked with parts dept. at the local Ford dealer, all he could do was tell me that he could sell me a New one for $182.00. One so called expert had the nerve to tell me to buy it and try it, if it works great, and if it don't you only lost a few bucks. I really don't want to fry something like the Computer ya know.
Any and or all help is Greatly appreciated.

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Old 06-30-2005, 11:49 PM
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Default RE: 99 Escort ZX2 CCRM problem

Hello far out one, i read your post and have some suggestions. first you seem inclined towards being able to fix your problem yourself, but you are going to need some help. a complete wiring diagram for the a/c system, volt meter ,and if possible powerprobe. i belive the pcm is not signaling the ccrm to activate the a/c. this could be due to a faulty presure switch. pin 22 should go to ground to close the circut for a/c opperation( that should be pin 69 on pcm). use the diagram to see which pins complete the circut then use volt meter to check continuity. it is difficult at best to fix this type of problem with out a scan tool. ground the wrong wire or put 12 volts on 5 volt circut could let that magic smoke come from electronics (not good). best to have your car scanned and ck available data to see what the computer is seeing . some times yo are better off letting a pro point you in the right direction.
hope i was of some help,
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Old 07-09-2005, 11:07 AM
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Default RE: 99 Escort ZX2 CCRM problem

Hello reddog and thanks for the information. I located a diagnostic scanner from a friend of a friend who had access to one. this web site best explains what you were talking about http://www.autoclinic.net/article/ford/escort_ac.htm I was told that if there was a faulty code stored in the system the PCM could shut down the voltage going to the A/C circuit of the CCRM. Another item I was told to look for was the WOT (wide open throttle) circuit, same as the one on the late model Mustangs 99 and up which in some rare cases has caused the A/C signal to be cut if the circuit gets stuck while in full throttle. In this case it ended up being the CCRM and was lucky enough to find a 98 ZX2 in a salvage yard that had a working CCRM, Without the diagnostic check I would be just gambling and most of the time I don't win. I would suggest getting a new CCRM from Ford if you have the $$$ because theirs are New and these boxes take a lot of abuse from the environment that they are exposed to. I still have to replace the auto transmission and am on a very fixed budget, so I opted for a used unit but only get one that come with a No DOA warranty. Thanks again reddog for the advise and I hope this info will help another Ford owner down the road
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