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Dez 01-08-2019 09:04 PM

Frustrated 2003 3.0 Ford ranger ext cab 2 wheel drive.
All right first of all before I explain the problem I want State a few things a few years ago I got in a small fender-bender rear-ended someone no damage but after that for the next year my fuel shut off switch would always go off every time I hit a bump and wouldn't quit going off I replaced it twice didn't fix the problem then my mechanic bypassed it also I replaced my turn signal switch twice and it keeps going bad when I turn my turn signals on my headlights go off I lose my low beams I wiggle them the lights come back on I got to replace it again also my keys are not made to come out of the ignition while the trucks running ever since the mechanic bypassed the inertia switch I can take the keys out while the truck is running they actually fall out of the ignition sometimes while I'm driving. So anyway now to the point at hand 6 weeks ago my truck broke down no fuel pressure I replaced the fuel pump it started right up ran for 3 weeks happened again had it towed the mechanic replaced the fuel pump again because there was no fuel pressure and he thought the fuel pump I bought was bad it ran for 5 days happened again so I took the old fuel pump out put it in a bucket of water hook it up to a battery and the old one that he replaced actually did work so the mechanic took it back worked on it for a week checked the fuel filter checked the wiring under the dash where the inertia switch was he got it running I took it back 3 days later no fuel pressure again truck won't start it keeps clogging out like it's out of gas the mechanic took it back again he's actually being really cool when working on it for free he charged me $500 the first time so anyway she took it back checked everything out found some broken wires underneath the fuse box fixed those added a jumper wire to the fuse box for the relay and yes we checked the relay fuse and we checked the fuel pump motor fuse and also when the truck first breaks down it does have fuel pressure I checked it in the tester on top of the engine and gas sprays out of it for a while and then it stops but anyways the mechanic change the fuse box fix the broken wiring added a jumper wire to the relay check the turn signal switch you got it running he took it for a ride even kept it for an extra day to make sure it would stay running I drove it home got about 3 miles when in the gas station to buy cigarettes came back out with the start it tries to turn over the first three or four times and then runs out of fuel pressure and I can't get it to start again he's going to tow it back to the shop and look at it I wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions

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