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2008 Ford Falcon (COMING TO USA)

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Default 2008 Ford Falcon (COMING TO USA)


Dont know if anyone knows, but here is Fords new Falcon Orion. It is said to be coming to America after Australias Relaese.

An Orion prototype has also been spotted being unloaded from a freight container in Detroit, Michigan, triggering speculation Ford US top brass are evaluating the car with a view to import it as a rival to the Holden-sourced Pontiac G8.


Originally Posted by Carsguide, Friday 13th[/align]

"The cover has been blown on the best-kept secret of the year -- the 2008 Ford Falcon. Heavily camouflaged photos of Ford's next Falcon, code-named Orion, might be popping up every-where as the car nears its launch, but these photos reveal, for the first time, exactly what the newcomer looks like.

As the top-secret pictures show, the Ford Performance Vehicles division clearly has Holden Special Vehicles in its sights with these aggressively styled FPV sedans, the F6, GT and GT-P.
The FPV cars also give a strong indication of the overall styling direction for the bread-and-butter Falcons.

The look is sharper, more contemporary and significantly more refined than the almost 1-year old current design, which started life in the 1998 AU Falcon.
Orion will get a new body on proven mechanicals, meaning the existing sex-cylinder and V8 engines will carry over with improve fuel econonomy. The suspensions, too, are expected to be retained, with improvements in ride and handling.
It's clear, though, the FPV cars are designed to shock.

They have deep front bumpers and aggressive grille treatments, but the standard car will also get similar "eyebrow" headlights that flow into the rising wedge-like shoulder line just below the window line, which in turn flows into the car's boot.
The front is also designed to be more pedestrian-friendly and the angular headlights look similar to the new Mondeo, due out late this year.

The cars will get distinctive blacked-out headlight surrounds that arch down to the below-bumper foglights.

The cars are set off by body kits, big 20-inch wheels and pronounced bonnet bulges to hide the powerful V8s on the GT and GT-P.

Performance for the FPV V8s is also believed to have increased to more than 300kW.

To contain power, some FPV models could sport cross-drilled high performance Brembo brakes, normally the domain of more expensive European sportscars. High-end models are expected to get xenon headlights.

Matching the contemporary looks are new pull-style door handles that replace the recessed handles of the current Falcons. Following a European trend, the rear-view mirrors will now feature indicator lights.

As expected, some of the key problem areas of the BF Falcon have been addressed.
The car's narrow rear-door opening, long criticised bu fleet operators, is now more curved and appears longer.
This will allow for a wider opening door for rear sear passengers.
Like the current Falcon, the boot is flat and the thinner tail-lights now wrap around the rear end, like an Audi.

The FPV cars sport dual and quad exhausts, an under bumper diffuser and rear spoilers.
The flared "venturi-effect" venting at the side of the rear bumpers is a styling point.
Underneath the Falcon is said to adopt the Territory's virtual pivot control link front suspension, which ensures crisper turn-in and more precision.

The interior, already a strong point with the current car, has also come in for a makeover.
There will be more a pronounced console separating the front seat passenger and driver and a reworked dashboard and gauges that, like the VE Commodore, will include an LED speedo readout.
FPV models are also likely to carry over the high-set gauges on top of the dashboard but they will be better integrated in the same way as the gauges in the Focus XR5.

Quality, safety and equipment levels have also moved up-market.

Ford is expected to offer curtain airbags, electronic stability control and a substantially stronger body.
The company is said to have been benchmarking Audi interior quality levels.

In an effort to trim weight, Ford is believed to have been testing a space-saver spare for the car, in a similar fashion to the VE Commodore, which has made the spacesaver standard and full-size spare a $100 option.

Apart from what we know about the FPV cars, Ford has also registered the names, "R6" "G" and "G6" which could point to new models.
However, it is not uncommon for car companies to registered a whole batch of new names and not use them.
Given the axing of the long-wheelbase Fairlane range, there is a possibility Ford may introduce a higher-level luxury car above the Fairmont Ghia, which could use the "G" model name.
The current 5.4-litre Fairlane G8 is the long-wheelbase range-topper.
The Trickle of information on the Orion just turned into an avalanche.
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Default RE: 2008 Ford Falcon (COMING TO USA)

with a bit of luck, the 2008 falcon will come to U.S. Ford australia needs exports to survive due to its declining car sales here in oz. my guess that if it does go to the U.S, it wont be til 2010 because thats when the falcon will get an all new 6 cylindar engine in nearly fifty years! it will get the duratec 35 v6 to replace an inline six.they anounced the closure of the ford engine factory in Geelong (Victoria) yesterday which has upset alot of people.
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Default RE: 2008 Ford Falcon (COMING TO USA)

That car looks awesome. That can help with Ford sales here I think.

So you guys in oz are feeling the ecomics of car sales as well there?
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Default RE: 2008 Ford Falcon (COMING TO USA)

yes its a very nice looking car! i think that is the FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) GT pictured though. i have seen other pics of them and its quite european looking, aswell as being muscular.
this may interest you guys but it was reported today that ford australia could be the sole engineering source for the next mustang (so we might finally gets mustangs in oz!) and also looking at developing a large rear drive limo (like Fairlane size) based on styling from the interceptor concept car and exporting them to Middle East and U.S.

Techmanbd, i managed to look at your pics of your Mustang, very nice! is it silver or bluey/silver? whats the colour called?
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Default RE: 2008 Ford Falcon (COMING TO USA)

Thanks for the compliments. The color is called Tungsten Grey. 2006 model is the year they made this color. It replaced the 05 model color was different lighter grey, a lighter grey, and 07 they started what is called Mineral grey. A much darker color. Almost a charcoal look.

The tungsten grey actually looks like a grey but with a purple hugh to it. In the right light it almost looks like a light purple.

I have heard the rumour of the next gen Mustang to be on an australian car platform.
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Default RE: 2008 Ford Falcon (COMING TO USA)

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Default RE: 2008 Ford Falcon (COMING TO USA)

Sure looks a lot better than my step-mom's Falcon. It took two weeks to get up enuff speed to get a ticket.
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Default RE: 2008 Ford Falcon (COMING TO USA)

will it be a Fairmont here in the US like the last ones? you guys are still making 'em under that name in oz right?
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Default RE: 2008 Ford Falcon (COMING TO USA)

I'm glad that vehical company's are bringing back old cars such as the dodge charger and now the ford falcon. But how everI wish they would make them two door cars like there were in the60'sinsteadof the four door's they are now making.
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Default RE: 2008 Ford Falcon (COMING TO USA)

What with the EPA and mileage factors. And now GM deciding to not import the other Holden cars as Impala replacements it remains to be seen if Ford will drive ahead with the Falcon replacement.

As for the Stang, I thought that was going to be the chassis of choice for the next Crown Victoria. Hmmm. Somethings got to give. And my best guess is that the rwd platforms are going to suffer just like before.[]

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