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Old 04-21-2007, 01:09 PM
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Default I have a 1987 ford ranger 2.9 5sp that has no power won,t go over 10 mph

my 2.9 ranger Idles fine but under a loadwon't go over 10mph it has 210,000 miles it was runnig very strongNow it loads up with fuel then sometime breaks up and even skips I have changed the following after getting a computer read out each time
fuel filter,plugs,cap,rotor,wires,EGR valve,fuel presure regulator,Throttle position senssor,mass air flow sensor,Timing chain and gears tentioner and guide
the last codesI got were 12.cannot read rpm 33.EGR valve not open and 67 netral drve switch ckand opec orac on
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Old 04-22-2007, 02:03 AM
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Default RE: I have a 1987 ford ranger 2.9 5sp that has no power won,t go over 10 mph

check your converter. May be plugged up.
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Default RE: I have a 1987 ford ranger 2.9 5sp that has no power won,t go over 10 mph

Wow sorry to hear about this. when it is idealing and you give it gas when it is not in gear does it rev up ok? Is it a Standard or Auto? Try spraying out the Carb with The dollar carb cleaner. just remove the air filter start the truck and spray the heck out of it give it some gas while you do this or it will die. Are your fuel lines pumping Gas to it. some times after years of fuel they deterate and when you give it gas the line collapse on their self. Does it burn alot of oil b/c the converter can get cloged and check the rest of your exaust system some kid could of put some stuff up in it.
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Default RE: I have a 1987 ford ranger 2.9 5sp that has no power won,t go over 10 mph

Is this the original 2.9 with the original computer? Just wondering as you mention you replaced the MAF as SPEED DENSITY was utilized on the 2.9 until the 1990 model year in Calaifornia delivered units. Have you checked working fuel pressure? Have you verified that both fuel pumps are working? There is a LOWpressure pump in the tank and a HIGHpressure pump on the frame rail. The LOW pressure pump feeds the fuel filter canister and the HIGH pressure feeds the engine. A failing or failed LOW pressure pump will cause major drivability problems as the HIGH pressure pump is not designed to suck fuel from the tank, only to pump what is fed to it. Did you replace the cannister fuel filter or in-line fuel filter, or both? A shorted O2 sensor will also cause excessive fuel to be delivered without setting a code. Worn rings, valves, valve seals, compression test?

Simple diagnosis for a plugged cat: A common vacuum gauge will help, attached to the intake manifold. Manifold vacuum will normally reduce when you first tip in on the throttle. On a steady throttle position, the vacuum will rise as the engine rpms rise and the load is reduced. With the cat plugged, the vacuum will stay low. No manifold vacuum means that the engine can't draw any more air/fuel charge.

NORMAL MOTOR: Steady reading of 17-21 when motor idling.
NORMAL MOTOR: When throttle is opened and closed rapidly needle falls to 2 and swings back to 24 or 25, falling back to normal idle reading Indicates rings and valves ok

Idle Speed Control motor or Air Bypass not controlling idle properly (generally idle too low) - ISC

ALL - (O, M) EGR did not open/ respond during test or if memory code, did not open intermittently - EVP EVR PFE

Park/Neutral circuit fault - PNP

Transmission Manual Lever Position (MLP) sensor circuit - Transmissions

(M) Intermittent Park Neutral Position (PNP) sensor fault - PNP
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