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Default Need Advice (Picture Intensive)

First off, I'd like like to introduce myself. I'm Alex, 22 and in college in Daytona taking aerospace engineering...

My grandfather passed away and left me something in his will...

It's a 1949 Ford Custom 100. It has 70,000 miles on it. It was manufactured before seatbelts, turn signals, modern starters, power steering, etc. The metal visor is placed above the front windshield because tint was not invented yet. In fact, the wipers are driven by the engine. The faster you go, the faster the wipers go! All sorts of neat stuff! It takes some getting used to to drive. It does not start like a conventional car (i.e. choke). Shifting requires getting a feel for the engine, because you can easily grind gears if you don't shift it just right...I think it has something to do with not having synchros???

But anyway, it has a V8 engine which runs beautifully. But after some time it did overheat. We pulled a radiator hose and found a 2 INCH CRACK in it! Problem solved. Now it runs great. My dad said "It runs better than my car". The interior is pretty much flawless because seat covers were put on over the leather in the late 1950's (which are still there)!

By close inspection, you can see some cosmetic blemishes with it. As you can see, the front grille has a small section where the chrome has peeled off. Also from the right side view, you can see that some of the trim is missing. The exterior paint is a little faded, because it's never been 20 years! All engine stuff (like oil, tranny fluid) has been maintained meticulously, but the exterior was never a primary concern to my grandpa.

I feel guilty for doing this, but what would you say to getting the car repainted and having the chrome redone? I'd get it the original colors and everything to restore it to new condition. How much would I be looking at for a credible place to paint and chrome it???

I'm a Ford fan all the way. My Florida car (the Custom 100 is in Ohio) is a Mustang. I love it to death. I put a really loud exhaust setup in it, and replaced the gears with Ford Racing 4.10's. It pushes pretty hard and sounds good doing it. Insurance takes advantage of me though

The "Non-functional" hoodscoop...I won't hold it against the car though...

How else can you best support the US and have fun doing it?
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Default RE: Need Advice (Picture Intensive)

Oh yes, I'm officially the first person to post a thread here! Yeeaaahh!
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Default RE: Need Advice (Picture Intensive)

man that is a neat car! especially since it was the year I was born! LOL
you might be able to bring back the paint with careful use of some good car polish instead of repainting it. before you do anything, you really need to find someone who is into antique cars who can give you some advice on how to do things and where to get things done. keep it original whatever you do as it is probably worth a lot of money even with the faded paint and missing chrome spots. check out the Hemmings Motor news website and you might be able to get someone out there to appraise it for you and tell you what it's worth as is.
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Default RE: Need Advice (Picture Intensive)

Well Alex here's what I think...

First of all that is a really nice car and in unbelavibale conditon for being that old! I think you need to think about what you want to do with it. That car needs work, and lost of time. Being 22 and just starting your life do have time for it? This is car is a piece of history, and should be trated as such. It's not a daily driver. Selling it could put you in a good $$ position, but I can see from the mustang you like to take of your car and work on it. You really have to look at the big picture. I wish you luck, and I hope this helped

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