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What does your Ford Beat/lose?

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Default RE: What does your Ford Beat/lose?

I've got a 2001 F-150 2wd. My record on the street is 6-2. I've beat 5.3 Vortecs, 4.7 Dodge. Lost to a '91 Mustang H.O. and a 5.7 Hemi. Those hemi's are quick man. The only mod i have on my truck is the exhaust.
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Default RE: What does your Ford Beat/lose?

T-bird vs Camero I had a 87 ford T-bird that would smoke almost any Camero ever made,,At least all the ones i left sitting at the light anyway. All I had was a nearstock Turbo 4 banger and i would pull up at lights next to Camero's all the time that would think they had somthing for me !! when the light would turn green and my psi on my turbo gauge hit about 10 to 14 and id dump the clutch let me just say,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,CHAULK THAT **** UP!!!!!,,,,, IM GONE,,,,,,, Worst *** spanking in a street race the dreaded Grand National by Buick,,,,ouch,,,I had a 71 olds cutlass i thought was some prettty hott crap back when i was teen I got into a street race with a 85 to 87 Grand National And let me say i got respect for them cars now...I got up next to this Grand National reved my 350 like i was the man he reved his3.8L just a little i about laughed as i was thinking ima smoke this fool HaHA,, right!! we took off on green i had him the first few seconds all the way up to about 70 mph then he punched it and i heard that whistleing sound from the turbo kicking in and i quickly realized he was toying with me,,, he left me like a fat chik on prom night,,, im talking gone Keep in mind the 350 i had was putting out id say in the ball park of 275 hp but when he got to going i couldnt even being to match that Grand National in acceleration it was quick... and thats prolly why them same 85 to 87 Grand Nationals are currently getting in the ball park of 20 to 50 thousand dollars right now if they are in the right shape,, for a car that has just hit roughly the 20 yr mark them cars are sky high in resale right now. id like to have one but i could never part with that kind of cash for one,, oh well maybe ill find a fixer upper some day.
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Default RE: What does your Ford Beat/lose?

ford truckman i agree about them hemi engine they are quick im still stuck on the 426 hemi's of the good ol days though.I still have dreams of getting a old hemi and supercharging it. I have always wanted a blower engine and i have always heard the hemi was one of, if not thee best engine for a blower. Still havent figured out any kind of car to put the hemi in though i have always liked the engine but i was never really cared much for the cars it came in rather it be a charger or challenger dont get me wrong them are both great cars but they just dont suit my taste quit right. I guess i was always into the more rounded cars like the 442 and chevelles of the late 60's and earlier 70's
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Default RE: What does your Ford Beat/lose?

My 1999 Cobra has kicked the crap out ricers ranging from Civics to a Supra.

My 1998 Mustang GT that I built after I wreck the Cobra has done the same thing.

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Default RE: What does your Ford Beat/lose?

Being that the charger is butt-uglier than a stang, i guess your right about that. You mean to tell me the 300hp charger is beating the 550 hp stang? You did say anything off the lot. Never realized the charger was faster than a viper.
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Default RE: What does your Ford Beat/lose?

Ah the days of old. Had a 80 camaro with a 383 stroker I would love to have back. These new 300hp+ cars still wouldnt stand up to that old beast. The old cruisin days, always burying my buddies 6.6 trans am. Never could catch my other buddies 67 camaro, but He had more money than brains I think. We've all sold our cars years ago and run trucks now......slowing down........
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Default RE: What does your Ford Beat/lose?

Okay so I got the Dodge ram becuase of price and it was passed around faimly and found it *was looking for a truck anyways* and ended up with the Aerostar
My aerostar 4.0L Rwd Is only runing 150hp and 250torque *guesstimating* I beat a Chevy camaro 2.8's and 305 raced about 3 timesI got him both times in 1/8 mile he catches me everytime in 1/4 mile by about 3rd gear guessing here again but 1.5/8 mile*80's* with my van it is QUICK and sure can do burnouts! Well worth my money!

I also have a toyota camry that thing has torque but I have to give it to ford or maybe laugh at toyota puting a 3.1liter and only runing 18 1/4 and 12's 0-60 Gets beat by all the hondas and Ford tuarus Wow Ford made an amazing older taurus gota love those!

*don't have anymore*My old 2000 Dodge caravan got SMOKED at any speed *cept first 10 feet *pathetic* By the 3.8 windstar my parents had one of those and I've heard of stupid people going 120 in those I hit the gas prety quick for a van but has NOTHING on the Dodge caravan turbo *80's* if anyone's seen those!
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Default RE: What does your Ford Beat/lose?

I eat up anything that pulls up next to me with my klze. Mustangs, Hemi's, Imports, Muscle Cars, Drag Cars, Street Bikes, anything. I ran slip's a few days ago with a old 5.0 mustang, didnt even have the pedal to the floor and beat him by about 5 or 6 car's. Next day brought the truck and trailer and took it home and put it in the back yard with all the junk cars.
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Default RE: What does your Ford Beat/lose?

Here is a video of the last Ford I beat at last weekends Quick 16 program at MCIR in Larue Ohio. I qualified #8 with a 6.0399 and Had to run #1 qualifier Fred Nolen who qualified #1 with a 5.10. Check out video link.
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Originally Posted by Capt.Moe View Post
expect to be 3-4lengths behind. That Hemi is hot off the shelf man. I got an '06 charger with the Hemi in it, I can beat all mustangs off the lot. Includig that done up ugly roush one. and the Vettes I do a damn fine job making them see my mirror at any speed. That Hemi's just an amazing motor and the Charger is the ultimate Modern Muscle car. intergrading Power and performance with style and luxury.
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