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Old 04-07-2017, 08:38 PM
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Default 4th battery in 3 months

Hey I am just looking for possible answers to my issue..
i bought a brand new 2016 Edge in July of 2016. It's an SEL edition with nav and a few other bells and whistles, sync 3 also.

in September something happened and all the gates in my heatercore got stuck open and a computer needed to be replaced.. then it was great again until Christmas Day when we attempted to start it with the remote, which failed and then when we went out to start it it was dead, but the cooling fan was running.

in early Jan we took it in, showed them the video and they told us it was the solinoid for the starter trying to start the vehicle and that my battery was dead because it was bad. So they replaced it and it passed and they sent me on my way...
two weeks later I again tried to start my vehicle with the remote and it flashes as if it started but when I went out it was obviously cold and hadn't been running. It then took about 3 attempts to start it (push start) and finally it started. Took it in my battery was bad again so they replaced it again.

End of feb again was having issues this time the battery was low but not dead so they recharged it and tested it and sent me on my way.

march 9th I took it in for a 4th time because of "battery" issues and again as with all previous visits the draw tests were negative, there were no codes, the started was working correctly, the alternator was working but the battery was agin "bad" and so they switched it out, tested it and it passed.

The next day they called and said- your battery is too low for just sitting over night, so we need to investigate this because it passed just yesterday and. Now it's low.

March 14th- they called and told me they tested my battery and it failed so they took it out of the vehicle and tested it and it passed so they put it back in my vehicle and tested it a third time and it passed (initially it failed). Obviously there is an issue and they don't disagree however they have no idea what the issue is and can't duplicate it. They did get Ford engineering involved who said - if you can't duplicate it, we can't fix it" and closed my case..
any ideas? Not super pumped to have 40,000+ piece of junk in my driveway. The dealership has offered to give me extended warranty and has encouraged me to keep coming back to document that there is an existing issue, but that doesn't really solve the problem...

mostly recently, the dealership has replaced the alternator on a whim in hopes that l, maybe it's just not working right but that seems like a stretch, considering the history of the vehicle.

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Old 04-15-2017, 11:13 AM
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Welcome to the site..

Sounds as if a module may not be going to sleep. Had a similar issue with my wife's brand new KiA. About 4-5 days of inactivity it would go dead or partially, either way a no start condition. Per KIA engineering, they tried a higher cranking amp battery, a shim in the Positive cycle clamp per KIA and a flash/reprogram as a first/second attempt, and it continue to not only not start at home, but stranded her at the airport, sometimes late at night in areas 'of concern' which the Manufaturer not being able to correct the issue,, left them wide open to the liabilities involved as I stated very boldly. Looking on the net yielded more than just a few owners with the same problem, again,, pointed out..

Of course they said she left something ON etc. to shuck the blame, but after about 6-8 times of stranding her, along with the net proof of failures in hand, I took it to the dealer and said, 'It stays here for at least the period of time to get it to fail ( no one is to touch it to duplicate the fail times) or longer if need be,, and I will not put her at further risk. Again,, pointing out the Liabilty due to KIA should anything happen. They had the car for a few weeks and it failed, as well as during the repair attempts and the final check, it turned out to be a module/ sleep draw on the battery. Was an intermittently at times, not always a 4-5 day history, but given the possibilities of what could happen, just saying 'it can't be duplicated' is not enough.. It may/may not be the same issue, but the end results need to be the same.. if it can't be fixed, it needs to be replaced...

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