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Excursion has engine miss and shuts down

Old 04-15-2007, 05:08 PM
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Default Excursion has engine miss and shuts down

Hi everyone. I have a 2003 Excursion, V10 with 109,000 miles. I disconnected and reconnected the neg. battery terminal and never drove it until a few days later when I was to take it on a 250 mile trip. I forgot to let it idle for a few minutes first to re-learn the idle settings, etc. After a few miles I brought it back home and disconnected and reconnected the battery again and let it idle until it smoothed out. We took it on our trip and it appeared to run fine. The next day, it idled a little rough and the engine shut down at a couple of stop lights. It started right up each time. The engine light did not come on at that time, but the OD light at the end of the gearshift began to flash and then it would stop flashing shortly after I restarted it. We disconnected the neg battery terminal again and went through the steps outlined in the manual to let the computer re-learn the settings. On three different attempts, the engine would shut off on the last step which involved letting the engine idle while the AC was on and my foot on the brake while in drive. At that time the engine light was staying on. A mechanic read the codes (720 & 722) which resulted in us replacing the output shaft speed sensor, even though a resistance reading on the sensor found it to be within tolerance. Same rough idle afterward and engine still died at stops. Mechanic says that it has a miss in it, especially with my foot on brake in drive at a certain rpms. At high speeds I cannot feel any miss. The OBD II does not show a miss, however, and the same code came up again for output speed shaft sensor. I don't know if this is related, but the interior lights do not go off now when it is locked. Should I do a BG cleaning of fuel system and air intake and if that doesn't fix it, starting checking the coils for each cylinder? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Default RE: Excursion has engine miss and shuts down

id check for vacuum leaks especially around the fat vacuum hose going into the power brake booster since it seems the problem is intensified with brake pressure and low rpm speeds id say it has a vacuum leak of some sort somewhere. as far as the other code your getting im thinking its none relative to your problems with it dieing out. but im no certified auto mechanic so take this as advise/ideas. i hope you get it figured out and let us know what it was when you do.
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Default having same exact problem cuerrently, 239000. miles

any ideas?, thanks
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If you haven't had to change any of the coils in all those miles you are very lucky.
Your luck may be about to change.
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Default excursion coils

Hanky, thanks i have had expeditons before excursions semed when coil pack went bad it was either bad and not functioning at all or was working fine , can coil packs sometimes function correctly but fail under a load at low rpm?
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These engines have coil on plug ignition and they can and do miss intermittently.
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Default ford coils

seems like ford has a problem with their coils. my mother in law has an escape that had the same coil screw up intermittenly. some days it would run just fine and the other days it would cause the engine to hesitate and the check engine light would come on. i would try and replace the coils on the excursion before i would do anything else. you would think ford would come up with some type of fix for this and order a recall since it seems to be happining to alot of their vehicles.
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hey did you ever find out what was wrong with your excursion for that problem?
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