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Worst Stucks

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i used to live in new mexico and my friends and i decided to take my 91 exploder out 4 wheelin because it had rained like 2 inches the day before....big deal there, not so much in oklahoma anyhow after a few little mudholes we find this little creek bed thats all sand and silt and muddy so we cross in tracks that other people have used four or five times and its funthen im turnin aroundto hit it again and we (by we i mean the a-hole ridin shotgun)decide we should go across at another spot that looks a little muddier, i made a good run at it but it turned out there was a reason no one else had gone through there i hit the bed at about 35 and made it maybe 20 feet just enough to be buried so bad thati had to crawl out the window, cause i couldnt open my door,into bellybutton deep mud (im 6'2") so we dig and push and no dice its screwed a guy trys to pull me out in a S-10 blazer but no luck, then an f-250 4x4diesel comes byand uses two towstraps and a chain and a big run than almost took off my back bumber to get my little stock explorer unstuck man mud fell out of than thing for months even after about 10 dollars at the car wash it was awesome though
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dang ya'll have some crazy mudding stores lol...well about 3 motnhs ago iwas tryen to sell a 91mitsubishi montero 4x4 well after about 3 weeks with it out for sale and friend of mine decided to buy it well he wanted to take it trew a little bit of mud so we went to a kocke mud hole where very one goes well theres about 6 or 7 holes well we noticed one a little farther back in the woods so we went and took a stick to see how deep its was it was only about a foot and a half deep so we hopped back in the truck and got going about 25 to 30 and hit it well turns out we where pocken a log in the hole and the hole was realy about 4 to 5 feet deep mud was half way up the windows and water was poring in and filled the intire truck with water and mud we called my dad to see if he could get us out with his explorer and couldnt in the end it took a f-350 4x4 and 2 11,000 pound toestraps to get us out and yes he still bought it lol.
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saturday night i took my f250 on base to play around on some of the tank trails (really good mudholes) so me and my girl are riding drinking a couple of beers i missed a hole so i decided to turn around and my driveshaft drops from the front, i have no trools on me so i call a guy that i work with to bring me tools and me and my ole lady go play in the mudhole. got everything fixed about 4 hours later took her home washed her in the shower and got sexy time.
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my worst stuck wasnt really my fault, but it sure as hxll was my truck... haha!

about a year into the relationship, the boyfriend and I took my stock 07 2wd Ranger out to Lake Mary (FL) and he convinced me it would make it through the sand dunes out there. wrong. Im not gonna lie that lil truck hauled axs into that sugary shxtty sand, and then bogged down. we made it like 30 yards into it and then we were sunk.

we tried everything... digging it out, we found an old door to try and gain traction, I jumped on the back bumper, Joey jumped on the back bumper... nothing worked so after about an hour and 45 minutes we had to call Joey's brother-in-law Steve to come yank our axses out with his Expedition...


so all in all it was a good night, we got closer, found out what the Ranger can and cant do... and now the family has tons of jokes about coons to taunt Joey with...

AND NOW I KNOW BETTER THAN TO GO OUT WITH ONLY ONE TRUCK... lesson learned, but the hard way... hahaha...

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