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Street Racing

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Default Street Racing

I knew a guy that was really into street racing and Ford Mustangs. He went up for Invoulentary Manslaughter and the driver of the other Mustang is dead. the race also put a father and son in the hospital and got thier Chrysler New Yorker smacked up a bit.
My question is "Do you know of any programs that encourage people not to race on city streets "?????
Not to far from here there is a drag strip where sometimes you can "Run What You Brung" on Saturday Nights and it only cost $10. for an intree fee.
It is also legal and you probably won't end up in prison because the other person crashs and burns.
Through the years of my life, I have known many people who have died or have been put in the hospital because of street racing.
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Default RE: Street Racing

I believe that Irwindale Speedway in Irwindale,CA has a program set up with the local PD to try and get people to goto the track and race. Last I heard they had a couple nights of racing that was for "street legal" cars for cheap.
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Default RE: Street Racing

Honestly, you're right. Thereused to beweekend programs where in Mohnton,PA you could bring street cars to the dragstrip for a price, but that's not really local to me.Andwhat about if your area shut down all the local tracks to replace them with gambling parlors where peoplearekilled in seclusionfor not paying up like around any casino?(as if noone gets killed for money at casinos).Not to mention now the closest track to me is a $50 drive there and back with a decent racer. Now tack on the $50 entry fee - unless they're insane and want their track ripped apart without the cash to repave it. Do you harrass motorcycle sites too - because they run the streets in a much more hellish fashion than any car I've ever seen - plus they have the added ability to come right through your windshield and kindly remove your head in a low speed crash. Most of the worst accidents are totally ignored because noone wants to hear about some guy who got ripped to pieces on a motorcycle. Did you also know there are some stupid rules on raceways to use them? Elimination of the hassles is why street racing came into existence. Lots of people prefer a track - not many can repeatedly afford it or even deal with the rules and prices. Where do you think people go for an alternative when there is none? An alternative would be great if the tracks were free to race on. Also, you can race on the street to make a buck. On a track you spend a buck. We're not totally stupid. As a former street racer I commend your attempt and urge you to not give up on the thought of bringing the groups of kids wanting to race - to the tracks made for racing on. Either that or enact a new standard that every new car built have a full racing cage and a racing harness and crash-proof cabin area. Then accidental deaths would be phased out and the government would have a big mess to handle with the population explosion. Maybe they'll have anotherwar to cut population where relatives like at least three of mine saw living hell. (I'd personally rather die in a nice car wreck than at gunpoint - it's almost humane compared to war).Anyhow any newer Mustang street racer that doesn't weigh down their tail end is only asking for trouble. Being powerful and light and unable to hold the power to the ground at higher speeds (like a majority of companies made 80's and 90's cars)is deadly. I am rebuilding my Mustang (family driver) right now and it won't leave the shop until the *** end is weighed-down. Gas mileage is useless - I choose life. I wasn't even racing - I was doing 15 or 20 MPH when I slid. Bad road grading was my added culprit. It still remains the same to this day. But I took a lesson. If you don't do something about it - it will repeat itself. Just like street racing. Hating street racers and racing will only make it stronger. Give them the place to wind down for free on occasion and some will race and some will move on over time as fans of what they used to do. If they break the rules with an easily available option in place - take their car for a half year. That'll stop it (or start a whole new war, but why not try?). WOW. It's 2AM. Bye for now.
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Default RE: Street Racing

New England Dragway, in Epping, NH, has a 2 nights each week when you can race your car SAFELY & LEGALLY!!!!
There are a lot of nice people there! Many Mustangs and other Fords- besides the 'bowtie boyz'.
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Default RE: Street Racing

Street racing is dumb! Can't say I've never done it though. Going wrong has a point! There are No places near me either at least a good 2 hours for the nearest one and about 3 to the one that you can run street legal cars as long as they run under 14 1/4mile does cost about $30 though but you win Money! The other hard thing about tracks is I know around here if you have a 14/15 sec car *street that's quick around here* you can run those against MANY other 13/14/15 ext on the streets without worrying about geting COMPLETLY BLOWN AWAY!
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Default RE: Street Racing

here in puerto rico we got 2 race tracks,and we ran from monday to wednesday for street races,like in the street and friday to sunday braket racing adn believe me.its going down on accidents in the street.
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