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Camshaft seize?


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Default Camshaft seize?

Was driving to work, live in SW Oregon, couple months back, and going about 40-45. Well, my car has no problems usually, (92 Crown Vic) base model, aside from having to fill up the water/coolant tank which feeds directly to radiator yada yada nearly every night because I have a water pump leak and anyway.
Long story short I was driving along and out of nowhere she starts to shriek is all I can think of and like seize up every second and a half as if Iím here slamming the brakes down or something. She did it 3 times then I slowed down and shut er off, threw her into park and like was like WTH.
Tried starting her again and nothing. Click. And ever since that fateful night I havenít been able to turn her over, took off the belt and hand turned each pulley, camshaft pulley will not rotate, in either direction.
I had an idea that maybe since the wires going to the starter are semi exposed due to the coastal weather.....shorted out the electric route? Maybe it was trying to engage while I was driving? I dunno. Stumped as all get out. Any thoughts and critique of my post? Please feel free to let it all out. And thanks for reading if you got this far. Peace!
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I'm a little puzzled and need some help from you.
I don't recall any pulley for the camshaft, could you maybe tell us just where this pulley is located? Usually there are pulleys for alt, power strg, crankshaft, air cond compressor, tensioner , and water pump. I might have skipped one, but i don't believe there is a camshaft pulley could you maybe mean the crankshaft pulley down at the bottom?
How about this,
A leaking water pump that the bearings seized and the pulley won't turn, could that be what you are trying to tell us? The rest of the belt wants to move , but the water pump went south and the belt screams while it is sliding over the water pump pulley.
If that explains it ,maybe, If the temp went way up and you did not notice it and the crankshaft pulley won't move that is another story. Can you help here?
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The water pump pulley rotated as I was checking them for any malfunctioning. I thought the pulley was called the camshaft pulley, I could be mistaking it for the crankshaft pulley, which, in turn wouldnít rotate. But like Iím saying while it would make the high pitch screech/shriek, it would seize up like I was slamming the brakes down..
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OK, it not easy to turn the crank pulley. Until we eliminate a few other possible problems ,might be a good idea to check things one at a time.
Can you get the engine to crank over just plain trying to start with the starter?
You can try this with the belt off if you want. If so, does it crank over slowly or usual speed/sound. By the way there is oil and coolant in it ,right?
If it will crank over ,don't let it start running.Turn the headlights on and have someone watch what the headlights do when you crank it over. If the headlights go dim, it could be one of two things. The engine is/has an internal problem or the battery /cables are questionable. The battery should have no immediate effect to slow the vehicle like applying the brakes. We at this point don't know if there is an engine problem, trans problem or brake problem, it could be any one of these and they have to be eliminated one at a time. Let's get these results before going any further.
Until we know for sure, I would not do any work under the hood on the engine without removing the battery negative cable, just in case your thought of the starter trying to engage was the problem, SAFETY FIRST!

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