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Automatic Transmission shifter broken....

Old 08-14-2013, 11:49 AM
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Their talking about the press in nylon linkage clips/retainers. requires a pliers type tool to remove/install, although you can improvise..

If an auto, be sure to disconnect the shift indicator prior to lowering the column. When you replace the shift tube, be sure to replace the 2 shift tube bushings between the tube and the half clamps/column base. Also, locktite the 2 lower shift lever torx screws on the new tube.. They like to come loose..
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Default Shift tube replacement

Shift tube broke on my '02 F250. After looking on some truck forums, I felt I could replace it in short order. But being low on cash I couldn't buy the parts at the time. So pulled the shift cable off at the end of the shift tube and shifted using the end of the cable for a couple of months. Got the parts a week ago and put them in yesterday. I saw on one truck forum someone posted that the Range Sensor causes the shift tube to break. I put the range sensor on first. Then I was able to compare before/after. I was able to pull/push the cable end much easier with the new range sensor. When taking off the old range sensor I saw there was rust expansion between the sensor and the shaft. This caused to range sensor collar to expand on the shaft making it difficult to move. I used emery cloth to clean the shaft and put the new sensor on. Replaced the tube and plunger and bushing. It now shifts as easy as it did when new. I believe if you only replace the tube/plunger/bushings w/o replacing the range sensor you will be replacing them again before long. The only reason the screws should be loose on the end of the shift tube is if something downstream is causing difficulty. In my case it was the range sensor.
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do you now if mercon lv go with mercon v
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Originally Posted by rclsarke View Post
do you now if mercon lv go with mercon v
Not compatable..
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Originally Posted by coakleytsean View Post
Was about to go home last night from a friends, and started truck up, went to shift it into gear and I heard a crunch in the steering column, The automatic transmission selector **** is now slack and wont shift, just had it towed back to the house, the tow truck guy was able to shift the transmission into neutral under the truck. Its a 1992 ford f350 7.3l dually. Got any ideas what is involved with this fix? I know it cant be THAT bad, but I have talked to the people at the auto parts stores here in town and they dont even know what part i need to buy to fix this. I figure someone on here has gone through this mess.
Thanks in advance for your help!
It sounds like your shifter tube or plunger broke, go to AutoZone you should be able toget a replacement for about 50$ , you will need a socket set and tork bit set and maybe extra hard weare
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Anthony Segaaline, were you just now replying to an original post that started this thread back in the year 2010? You must have because you quoted it as if it just happened. It's been solved, or did you not notice the photos and instructions from other posters?
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